PE is geared toward teaching students to lead a healthy lifestyle from the time they are young. I like to teach the importance of exercise, healthy eating habits, and making sure they are leading a balanced lifestyle. We begin our day with 15 minutes of exercise, be it jogging, fast-walking, calisthenics, or a combination of each of these. After that, we play a game for 20 minutes. Some of our favorite games are football, bean bag tag, capture the football, and of course.... dodge ball! They ALWAYS want to play dodge ball! I believe in the importance of team work, cooperation, encouragement, and kindness toward each other, and am always pushing the art of character. I feel that it's important for kids to learn to build each other up, and to bring out the best in one another. And most importantly, my goal for my students is to always smile in PE class. Whether they are winning or losing, working or playing, I always want them to leave class with a smile.