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Teacher Spot Light

May 2019 Employee Of The Month:
CONGRATULATIONS!  Mrs. Lisa McGowan is the Staff of the Month for May!  Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
"Mrs. McGowan always does whatever it takes for our school's success."
"She works SO hard every day, going above and beyond for her team. She takes on responsibilities of field trips, tutorials and is always willing to help with anything anyone needs. We wouldn't function as smoothly everyday without her. "
"Lisa is one of the hardest working employees at Cumberland Academy and will do anything that is asked of her. She not only helps the teachers but the students as well."
"I love Mrs. McGowan’s work ethic.She wants to always do more and she loves the students at this school. I always see her working with groups of students and making sure they have confidence in themselves. She is such a joy to have on this campus. "
April 2019 Employee Of The Month
CONGRATULATIONS!  Mrs. Katie Abbott is the Staff of the Month for April!  Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
"She works very hard to keep this school running. She made the testing week go very smoothly!"
"Katie goes above and beyond the call of duty in everything she does. Whether it's getting STAAR tests ready, helping other campuses, making announcements, or working with a kid who is struggling, she is ALWAYS ready to help. I think she is more than deserving of being staff of the month."
"Katie goes above and beyond to help in anyway she can. She is also very organized and patient. Her heart is truly what is best for our students!"
"Katie is always willing to help the teachers and staff to the benefit of the students. She juggles many hats flawlessly and keeps everyone organized!
March 2019 Employee Of The Month
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Ms. Katherine Powell is the March Staff of the Month! Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
She is very loving and PATIENT!!! She is gentle in her approach with students, yet very firm and consistent. Ms. Powell is a great listener! She gives all of her attention to whoever she is talking to. She fosters a positive environment for learning. Ms. Powell believes in students and holds them accountable, helping them to achieve their best. This same loving, caring nature is also evident with her co-workers!"
"Ms. Powell is always positive and eager to help her students as well as teachers. I like how she rewards her students by letting them be of help to others and show what they have learned. She is very encouraging and supportive. "
" Ms. Powell is so patient with her students. She brings out the best in her students with encouraging, positive support. She teaches them great organization skills and guides them into becoming responsible students. "
February 2019 Staff Of The Month
CONGRATULATIONS!  Ms. Brittany Henderson is the Staff of the Month for February!  Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
"Brittany is amazingly positive and upbeat everyday. She is an inspiration to me and a joy to have on our team. The projects and skills she shares with our students makes me want to sit in her class and create beautiful art all day. I'm blessed to have her as a friend and coworker!"
"Ms. Henderson instills a love of art to each of her students on a daily basis. She is a team player, always willing to do whatever is needed. A true gem to Cumberland Academy."
"Ms. Henderson has a great rapport with kids, she does amazing projects with her classes, and the halls always look spectacular! "
"Ms. Henderson has such talent in bringing out the creativity in each student and allows the personality of the individual artist to shine. She is always willing to help out with a smile on her face!"
January 2019 Staff Of The Month
Mr. Carter
CONGRATULATIONS!  Mr. Carter is the Staff of the Month for January!  Here are just a few things his peers have to say about him:
"Scott brings so much energy to our team and his classroom. He is dedicated to reaching every student and always has a smile on his face."
"He is amazing!! His lessons are creative and engaging. He has an excellent relationship with all the kids, not just his. His positive attitude and constant smile are unwavering and contagious."
"He is always in a good mood and willing to help out with anything."
"He encourages student relationships with him as well as other students. He involves students in their learning and provides hands-on experiences and movement within the classroom. He has such a positive attitude each day."
December 17th-21st, 2018
We want to thank our morning car duty teachers and their awesome creativity on this particular day! Love to see our staff greet our students and parents bringing such awesome fun to their lives on a daily basis. 
December 2018 Staff Of The Month
Mrs. Rider
CONGRATULATIONS!  Mrs. Rider is the Staff of the Month for December!  Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
"Mrs. Rider is amazing!! She is so encouraging and helpful, always willing to help anyone who needs it. She is phenomenal!"
"Mrs. Rider is adored and respected by her students. She makes them feel important, capable and smart. She is always lending an ear or advice about students who are struggling- and never hesitates to come up with a solution to any problem. We are incredibly lucky to have her."
"Mrs. Rider is an excellent teacher and mentor. It's amazing how she helps her team and encourages us. She works so well with the kids in the small time that she has them. She not only teaches them, but also gets to know them as individuals to find out what their needs are. "
"Rider goes out of her way to make everyone feel special and included. She always has the sweetest smile on her face that is extremely welcoming. I have learned so much about being a teacher, co-worker and overall person. She doesn't tell you how to do something, she shows you by example. I've seen her go over and beyond for all her students and fellow co-workers. Everyone loves and adores her because she is wonderful. She is truly the kindest person I have ever known."
November 2018 Staff Of The Month:
Mrs. Getz
CONGRATULATIONS!  Mrs. Getz is the Staff of the Month for November!  Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
"Mrs. Getz is always willing to help with anything you might need. She comes to school with a bright smile on her face everyday. She adores her students and is as sweet as she can be."
"Mrs. Getz is always thinking of others. She listens to students and co-workers. She is one amazing teacher and great person to work with!"
"Mrs. Getz is so helpful to so many of us not just her team. I have picked up such great ideas, she is so personable, and lends a hand not only to 3rd grade, but anywhere she can help. The experience she has and shares is just a blessing to many of us."
November 9th, 2018

Mrs. Jackson & Mrs. Meyers and Ms. Henderson!!!  What a Thanksgiving Show!  Our little Pilgrims and Indians did amazing in their theater showcases.  And our brilliant art students made some amazing turkeys to celebrate the Holiday.  Way to go ladies!  I am amazed everyday at the creativity and talent you bring out in our students.  We are lucky to have you.   


October 19th, 2018

Morning Drop-Off Duty People!!!!!  I don't think I can shout loud enough for these wonderfully spirited people!  This week was cold, rainy, and windy and they were all out there in the rain opening doors and making sure our kids got inside safely for the day.  And I never heard a complaint!!!!!  We could not start the day efficiently without them and I am so grateful!!!  Thank you Mrs. Maschall, Mrs. McGowan, Mr. Hands. Mrs. Nowlin, Mrs. Shockey, and Mrs. Kirkley!  

October 2018 Staff Of The Month
Well, the decision was easy again this month!  Mrs. Meyers is the Staff of the Month for October!  Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
 Mrs. Meyers is the definition of "dedicated to perfection". In everything she does, she wants to be the very best. Whether it's teaching art, having the 5th graders come to her room in the morning, lunch duty; everything she does, she strives to be excellent. She is always reading books, always looking for new methods, and always thinking of new strategies. I couldn't think of a more deserving person.
* Mrs. Meyers is dedicated to the school and her students. She shares her love of art and learning with her students. She is very kind and understanding and is a wonderful friend and co-worker.
* This woman emulates what every teacher wants to be like. She's calm, cool, and creative as she teaches the "whole child". I love her environment as she pairs behavior traits with her lesson plans. We are blessed to have her on campus!
* Mrs. Meyers is over the top FABULOUS to the core. The cool, calm, and collective. She goes to great extremes to make sure the students are learning in-depth art history, which involves technique, texture and all kinds of mediums. In addition to cultivating cultured students, she teaching each child how to use their words calmly, and problem solve effectively.
* She does an excellent job with our fifth graders every morning before school. 
Mrs. Meyers, we all appreciate your hard work and everything you do to make our students, staff, and our school better!  
September 2018 Employee Of The Month:
Our winner for September is Ms. Kim Simmons, 5th grade teacher.  These winners are voted on by our staff themselves, so I have included some of the awesome things my staff said about her.  
*  She goes above and beyond to make sure her team is taken care of. She constantly tries new things to see what works best, not only for her team but for the students as well.
*  I really appreciate her patience and information towards me. I ask a lot of questions and she never tires of me asking.
*  I've seen Kim work extremely well with her new team... working long hours (above and beyond) and not complaining at all. She has a solid brave stance... strong, steady, and doesn't waver (graciously).
*  Kim is a great fifth grade team leader who goes above and beyond trying to helper teammates and students achieve success!
*  She is an excellent teacher and co-worker. She gives each student her full attention and does as much as she can to reach everyone. She volunteers to help with everything. She is an all around awesome teacher!
*  She is always willing to help out if our team ever needs anything. She goes above and beyond of what she is supposed to do as a team leader. She is also a wonderful mentor.