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The Box Tops competition is underway! Box tops are due February 23! | The CAH Dance Dept. is hosting a High School Musical Dance clinic Saturday, March 3.
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For Cumberland Academy, personalized learning and access to state-of-the-art technology has been a priority since its founding in 1995. A classroom at Cumberland Academy includes Apple devices such as an Apple TV, iPad, MacBook, and MacBook pro that help teachers provide engaging lessons, expand their classroom resources, and track student progress. Students of all ages and abilities use this innovative software interface to create and explore with over 650,000 apps in the Apple App Store.
Cumberland Academy is equipped with a state-of-the-art network and load-bearing wireless technology with proven firewalls and network monitors to assure a secure and safe environment for students and teachers. The school truly represents the next generation of the 21st century classroom. Cumberland Academy was one of the first iSchool campuses in the state of Texas, and it continues to promote that level of education each day. iSchool campuses promote next generation learning through revolutionary educational environments built for America's children. 
Highly developed software is used to reinforce higher order thinking sills in math and language arts. The Waterford and Successmaker programs are used by each student daily as supplemental reading and math instruction. Each homeroom teacher integrates technology into his or her curriculum.