Cumberland Academy Elementary Home

Cumberland Academy is a tuition free charter school and strives to achieve its vision to empower student success by providing a nurturing environment that inspires lifelong learning while using innovative technology to develop 21st century skills and fostering an appreciation of the arts. Small class sizes and knowledgeable, dedicated teachers provide personalized attention to enable students to achieve their maximum potential.

Updated information for parents....

This information has been emailed to all Elementary parents today. The Drop off / pick up information is included as an attachment and is also on the website under "campus information" on the forms and documents page.
Custom Masks Are Here!! Featured Photo

Custom Masks Are Here!!

See flyer for details and are being given to the students at no cost. Only age 10+ are required to wear the masks unless the state mandate changes. Updates will be sent out soon.

Health and safety policy update

As the state and TEA send out continuous updates over the weeks to come, if any changes occur, this policy will be amended and updated by the Board of Directors.

Updated Letter From Mrs. Cotton

Regarding health updates for this school year. Another update will be sent out in two weeks as we will know more at that point.