Cumberland Academy Elementary

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Mission and Vision



Our vision is to empower student success by providing a nurturing environment that inspires lifelong learning while using innovative technology to develop 21st century skills and fostering an appreciation of the arts.


Our mission is to create schools of excellence with a shared commitment among staff, students, parents, and the community that foster a nurturing environment incorporating strong core values and high academic expectations. Our aim is to develop a community committed to promoting service, cultivating responsible citizens, and establishing pathways for students to achieve their maximum potential.
Cumberland Academy was transformed from a small private school, established in 1996, into East Texas’ first premier charter school in 1998. Since its inception, Cumberland has sought to achieve the vision of its founders, Dr. and Mrs. James and Norma Cotton. This vision is to serve every student’s unique and dynamic learning needs. Through small class sizes, innovative technology, and passionate educators, all students have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. We embrace and welcome all students.