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Our elementary students are engaged in a comprehensive curriculum designed to develop the whole child. They are encouraged to discover the ever-changing world around them in a nurturing environment with individualized instruction. Access to state-of-the-art technology further prepares students for success in the 21st century. 
Apple iPad, Promethean
Our students have access to classroom technology on a 1:1 ratio daily that allows access to a variety of tools to build a deeper understanding of content. Technology in the classroom extends learning to provide students with a source of material, method for collecting data, expressing understanding of content through multimedia, learning that is relevant, and methods of presenting new knowledge.
Fine Arts (Art, Violin, Choir, Theater)
The Fine Arts department allows our students to develop their creativity, critical thinking, and self-discovery through visual arts, music, and theater. The visual arts curriculum allows students beginning in kindergarten to use hands-on experience to develop creative forms and a sense of aesthetics. Music is an important aspect of every student's education by experiencing a variety of vocal and instrumental music. Theater is an art that provides students the opportunity to develop dramatic structure and fundamentals of literacy, while providing for a student's self-discovery, self-definition, and self-esteem.

Language Arts
Language Arts encompasses understanding of all elements of language and its construction. As communication has risen in importance in our increasingly interdependent world, expressing one’s self by writing will be emphasized. Age appropriate literature is used along with instruction in social studies, allowing students to follow society’s growth in value and technology. Teachers use Spalding’s Writing Road to Reading program as their primary method of instruction for language arts. 

Computation, concepts, and word problems are all critical to a solid math program. It must be remembered that mathematics is a cumulative skill. GoMath curriculum is an engaging and interactive approach to teaching math content with appropriate depth and rigor. Every student is supported as they learn to think critically and apply their math knowledge. 
Physical Education/Dance
Physical education is essential to the education of the whole child. The curriculum is designed to develop motor skills, healthy behaviors, active living, physical fitness, and sportsmanship. Dance is a way of learning how movement is used to communicate and foster cooperative skills by dancing with others in partners and groups. Through dance, our students develop cognitive skills such as sequence memory, creative thinking, and analysis.
Journeys curriculum provides a reading routine that empowers students to develop skills of independent reading of a variety of sources to comprehend all rigorous text. The student will use a variety of sources to practice reading and use tools that emphasize comprehension and teach strategies such as highlighting text, re-reading, annotating, and note taking. Every child has an opportunity to read both orally and silently each day, and comprehension is monitored regularly for progress.
Our science program is a hands-on, inquiry-based investigation that helps students become tomorrow's STEM leaders and innovators by letting them experience science. As students dive into the investigations, they develop their own contexts and meanings for the scientific concepts they are learning, retain more knowledge, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Social Studies
In Social Studies, stories engage our students to develop and interactive understanding of the world around them. The curriculum provides students with understanding of United States history and basic geography, sociology, government, and economics that shapes our country. Teachers use a variety of tools and resources to provide a range of cultural events and individuals that have impacted their community, state, nation, and world.