March 2019 Staff Of The Month

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Ms. Katherine Powell is the March Staff of the Month! Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
She is very loving and PATIENT!!! She is gentle in her approach with students, yet very firm and consistent. Ms. Powell is a great listener! She gives all of her attention to whoever she is talking to. She fosters a positive environment for learning. Ms. Powell believes in students and holds them accountable, helping them to achieve their best. This same loving, caring nature is also evident with her co-workers!"
"Ms. Powell is always positive and eager to help her students as well as teachers. I like how she rewards her students by letting them be of help to others and show what they have learned. She is very encouraging and supportive. "
" Ms. Powell is so patient with her students. She brings out the best in her students with encouraging, positive support. She teaches them great organization skills and guides them into becoming responsible students. "
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