Update from LAX League

In response to the Corona-COVID 19 outbreak, many of our member team schools, school districts, and governing sports organizations such as SPC, TAPPS, and UIL have suspended contests and athletic activities, including high school lacrosse. 
THSLL is also suspending all games from March 14 through March 29th. Please note that many games beyond March 29 have already been canceled due to the specific policies of SPC and TAPPS members:

 SPC suspended competition from March 25 through April 13th.

TAPPS is suspending all interscholastic competition through April 12, 2020.


Additionally, the UIL has suspended all competition through March 29. While THSLL member teams are not UIL members, some of our programs do follow their policies. 


All UIL Contests Suspended Due to COVID-19 — University Interscholastic League (UIL)

The duration of the THSLL game suspension is based on information available at this time and may change as circumstances warrant. 
The THSLL board is aware that coaches and parents would like to know the plan for the remaining scheduled games beyond the suspension period and the impact on the 2020 playoffs. With this in mind, the board is discussing different methods on how to resume and complete the season. Any final decision regarding the season will need to account for the rapidly changing current situation with input from our coaches and member teams.
There will be more communication as the situation develops.
Thank you 
THSLL Board of Directors
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