Update From The Director

Dear Parents:
I met with all the Principals and Administrative Staff today. The focus was on planning for “Distance Learning” which is the Texas Education Agency (TEA) terminology for how we resume classroom teaching while the school remains closed. While somewhat flexible, TEA has mandated the education of each child must continue during school closure. This is a daunting challenge but our talented teaching staff is ready and able to meet this challenge. The same can be said for our Technology Staff. This will be a busy week but our goal is to be ready to educate your child at home if needed next week. This communication is also intended to give you a heads up so you can do your personal planning for your home to also be ready to be a remote classroom next week. I along with the Board of Directors will continue to monitor our local number of new viral infections each day. No decision has been made for next week and the weeks to follow, but we are doing everything possible to be ready for a prolonged school closure. The Board of Directors plan to meet this Friday​, March 20th,​ for the primary purpose to determine if we should stay closedfor an extended period of time.​ ​

Stay Healthy!
Norma Cotton
1340 Shiloh Road
Tyler, Texas 75703
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