Cumberland Academy Elementary

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October - Staff of the Month

Well, the decision was easy again this month!  Mrs. Meyers is the Staff of the Month for October!  Here are just a few things her peers have to say about her:
 Mrs. Meyers is the definition of "dedicated to perfection". In everything she does, she wants to be the very best. Whether it's teaching art, having the 5th graders come to her room in the morning, lunch duty; everything she does, she strives to be excellent. She is always reading books, always looking for new methods, and always thinking of new strategies. I couldn't think of a more deserving person.
* Mrs. Meyers is dedicated to the school and her students. She shares her love of art and learning with her students. She is very kind and understanding and is a wonderful friend and co-worker.
* This woman emulates what every teacher wants to be like. She's calm, cool, and creative as she teaches the "whole child". I love her environment as she pairs behavior traits with her lesson plans. We are blessed to have her on campus!
* Mrs. Meyers is over the top FABULOUS to the core. The cool, calm, and collective. She goes to great extremes to make sure the students are learning in-depth art history, which involves technique, texture and all kinds of mediums. In addition to cultivating cultured students, she teaching each child how to use their words calmly, and problem solve effectively.
* She does an excellent job with our fifth graders every morning before school. 
Mrs. Meyers, we all appreciate your hard work and everything you do to make our students, staff, and our school better!