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No School on January 21, 2019 - Martin Luther King Holiday
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Mrs. Maschal

Welcome to our class website! 

I have taught school for fourteen years. This is my third year to teach at Cumberland Academy. My husband's name is Greg and he works for the ETMC Olympic Center in Tyler. Our children are furry and four-legged! We have four dogs who are very spoiled. My husband and I enjoy the great outdoors. Every summer we visit Yellowstone National Park. We love to hike and view the wildlife, especially grizzly bears and wolves. 

Recent Posts

The Four Seasons

We completed our study of the four seasons. Check out our paintings inspired by the book A Busy Year by Leo Lionni. 

We labeled different parts of a bat. Did you know bats have thumbs? They use their thumb to help cling to trees and walls. Some bats use their thumb to clean out their ears!  (Bat Diagram from Deanna Jump's Bats Math and Literacy Fun Packet) 
Most Fridays we spend time working on our letter formations in class. Check out the website and work on letter formations at home. You can click on the links tab (right side of webpage) and there is a link to the phonogram webpage. 

Math Tubs: Numbers 0-10

Every day the kids spend time working in math tubs. During math tubs, the kids have hands-on, minds-on activities to help support and develop math skills taught during our math whole group time. Check out our math tub activities focusing on numbers 0-10. 

Computer: The kids had fun working with an interactive ten frame online. There are five different activities to help develop number sense using a ten frame. Check out the website in the links tab (right side of our webpage). 
Ten Frames: The kids worked with their partner identifying, building sets, and writing numbers using a magnetic ten frame and counters.