Here at CAES, our kindergarten, first and second graders come into the library once a week for forty five minutes.  Our kinder friends have story time with coloring that compliments the book(s) read and/or we act out what we just read to ensure comprehension.  With first grade, we check out books and have story time.  In second grade, the students check out books that are appropriate for their reading level.  They sit on comfortable chairs and delve into their new adventures.  With third, fourth and fifth graders, there is a forty five minute time slot allotted to each grade level to come and get a book on their level any day of the week.  
This year we are introducing book reports for second through fifth grade to couple with the Accelerated Reader program.  This will promote their writing abilities while ensuring comprehension.  There is an AR competition every nine weeks, with the winner getting free dress the following Monday.  We are also doing a book report contest!  Whichever class, per grade level, turns in the most correctly done book reports will have an ice cream party!!  The students are all very excited.  We are trying to develop a love for reading that will last a lifetime.
book fair
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